7 Best Fully Remote Jobs to Apply

7 Best Fully Remote Jobs to Apply. Looking for a fully remote job to achieve the work/life balance you desire? Discover the top remote job opportunities in 2024 across leading companies like Google, Microsoft, and more.

Ditch the commute and create the work-life balance of your dreams! Explore our list of 7 top fully remote jobs across tech, healthcare, sales, and more. Land your dream role and work from anywhere in 2024!

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Introduction: 7 Best Fully Remote Jobs to Apply.

As we settle into 2024, many of us are striving for a better work/life balance, and one surefire way to achieve that is by landing a fully remote job. Say goodbye to the daily commute and hello to more time for family, hobbies, and personal growth.

In this guide, we’ll explore the 7 best fully remote job opportunities available this year, spanning renowned companies such as Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, and more. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, there’s a remote role waiting for you.

Benefits of Remote Work

  • Time freedom: Escape the daily commute and reclaim hours for yourself, your family, or your hobbies.
  • Cost savings: Ditch expensive lunches and work attire, and enjoy the potential tax benefits of a home office.
  • Increased productivity: Studies show remote workers can be more focused and productive without office distractions.
  • Global opportunities: Work from anywhere in the world, opening doors to new experiences and cultural immersion.
  • Improved well-being: Enjoy greater flexibility and autonomy, leading to reduced stress and improved overall well-being.

7 Best Fully Remote Jobs to Apply in 2024:

This list highlights just a few of the many exciting remote opportunities available. Explore these companies and their open positions to find your perfect fit:

1. Google:

With nearly 60 remote-eligible vacancies, Google offers a plethora of opportunities ranging from sales representatives to engineers and project managers. If you’re qualified and seeking competitive compensation, Google might be the perfect fit for you.

Google’s Cloud division seems to be on a particular hiring spree at the minute, so here are some of the fully remote jobs you can apply for right now:

  • Senior Staff Software Engineer, Google Cloud Generative AI
  • Data Analytics Sales Specialist
  • Technical Editor, Google Cloud
  • Cyber Defense Analyst, Mandiant
  • Field Sales Representative, Mid-Market Enterprise (Google Cloud)
  • Program Manager, Data Center Construction
  • Senior Network Operations Engineer
  • Security Sales Specialist, Google Cloud

You can learn more about these vacancies, apply, and find more jobs at Google’s careers site.

2. Microsoft:

Microsoft boasts over 1,000 global remote-friendly vacancies, showcasing its commitment to remote work. From technical specialists to product managers, there’s something for everyone at this tech giant.

Here are some of our favourite jobs going on at Microsoft in 2024:

  • Security Operations Center Technical Specialist
  • Principal Design Manager
  • Business Analytics Lead
  • Senior Product Manager
  • Global AI Go-To-Market Strategy Lead
  • Software Engineer (multiple levels and vacancies)
  • Healthcare Sales Operations Manager

You can learn more about these and many more job vacancies over at the Microsoft job search site.

3. Intuit:

Ranked second for flexibility in remote working, Intuit is a haven for software developers, UX specialists, designers, and more. Explore their remote job openings and embrace a flexible work environment.

Check out these fully remote jobs at Intuit:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Senior Manager of Strategic Success, Mailchimp
  • Partner Development Manager
  • Service and Support Representative
  • Senior Sales Engineer
  • Director Business Development
  • Senior Corporate Account Exec

To apply and learn more about working at Intuit, check out the company’s job website.

4. Salesforce:

Salesforce, known for its remote-friendly culture, offers over 100 remote positions, including roles for developers, engineers, and account executives. Join their team and contribute to impactful projects from the comfort of your home.

Here are all of our top picks for fully remote jobs at Salesforce this month.

  • Senior Technical Consultant
  • Project Integrator, GovCloud
  • Systems Engineering Associate
  • Partner Sales Manager, Digital
  • Marketing Cloud Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Account Executive (multiple levels and vacancies)

Check out the Salesforce careers website to learn more and to apply.

5. CVS Health:

Surprisingly, CVS Health offers over 600 remote job opportunities, spanning from customer support associates to engineering directors. Explore their diverse roles and become part of a leading pharmaceutical retail company.

Want that to be you? Here are some of the top remote CVS jobs right now. They include a number of openings for those with less experience in the company’s admin and custom support departments, alongside directorships and senior engineering positions.

  • Customer Support Associate
  • Lead Director, Specialty Innovation
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Provider Data Services Specialist
  • Engineer Project Management, Sr. Manager
  • Training Delivery
  • Distinguished Engineer, Public Cloud

For more on these and other remote jobs at CVS, check out the chain’s careers website.

6. Amazon:

Despite some controversies, Amazon provides over 60 full-time remote job opportunities, catering to various roles like software development, marketing, and HR management. Find your niche and thrive in a remote environment.

Here are our favourite Amazon remote jobs listings in 2024:

  • Director Product, Ring Apps
  • Graduate Area/Shift Manager (June 2024 Start)
  • Audience and Media Strategy, Marketing Manager
  • Project Engineer
  • Operations Engineer
  • DLS Case Manager (Seasonal, Disability and Leave Services)
  • Construction Manager

Check out all of Amazon’s remote-friendly job vacancies on its career search site.

7. UnitedHealth Group:

With over 400 remote jobs available, UnitedHealth Group encourages flexibility for many of its roles. Whether you’re in healthcare IT or sales, there’s a remote opportunity waiting for you at this reputable company.

Here are some of the most interesting ones we’ve spied on:

  • Sales Account Manager (multiple vacancies)
  • Coding Supervisor
  • Healthcare IT Project Consultant
  • Senior Internal Audit Analyst
  • Lead Software Engineer

Head over to the UnitedHealth website to apply and browse all of its latest vacancies.

Conclusion: 7 Best Fully Remote Jobs to Apply.

In today’s digital age, the possibilities for remote work are endless. By exploring the top 7 fully remote job opportunities in 2024, you can take control of your work/life balance and pursue career growth without sacrificing flexibility.

Whether you’re drawn to tech giants like Google and Microsoft or healthcare industry leaders like CVS Health and UnitedHealth Group, there’s a remote role suited to your skills and aspirations. Embrace the freedom of remote work and embark on a fulfilling career journey from the comfort of your own home.

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